"All you have to know is everything is created from thought, you don't have to know anything else." - Sydney Banks

Every spiritual teacher, guru or seemingly enlightened person you’ve ever read, spoken with or listened to has always been saying the same thing.

That you’re living in a world of thought.

It’s all thought.

You sail on a thought created ocean.

On a boat made out of thought.

Avoiding thought created icebergs.

While navigating with thought created stars.

And yet, you never stop to ask where the wind that powers thought comes from.

We are often so immersed in sailing our thought created boat through our troubled thought created seas.

Avoiding thought created icebergs, thought created weather and thought created sea monsters.

We don’t see that we have created the world that we see with the power of Thought.

And that our thoughts are nothing more than transient visitors that leave as quickly as they come if we don’t give them power.

And instead we can use the power of Thought to create a different more fulfilling and rewarding life.

This isn’t to say that you can think really really hard and manifest a nice car, a nice house and the perfect partner.

Or there isn’t a reality out there that you need to respond to, interact with and solve problems in.

It’s just that we are living in the experience of our thinking.

That we feel our thinking in the moment.

And because of this, sometimes the world looks beautiful, peaceful and a wonderful place to be.

And at other times we see the world as ugly, chaotic and attacking us from all sides.

If we are constantly living in the experience of our thinking and that thinking is insecure, fearful and based on scarcity.

Then any life change that we try to create from that space will always have the flavour of that thinking.