Gary bridgeman

Gary is an Acceptance and Commitment life coach and a certified mindfulness teacher, living in Brussels, Belgium.

Gary uses ACT to help clients step up in their careers, change direction in life, overcome anxiety and find their true authentic self.

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Leann Harris

Leann is an Acceptance and Commitment coach who helps people stuck in a cycle of stress, overthinking, and worry to regain hope and learn to calm their mental chatter.

She trained in ACT through a wide variety of trainers, bootcamps, and workshops and now leads the ACT Based Coaching Special Interest Group for the parent organization of ACT.

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Charlene Rayburn photo.JPG

Charlene rayburn

Charlene is an Acceptance and Commitment life coach and received her coaching certificate through the Center for Coaching Mastery at Coachville, LLC. She is privileged to have attended trainings in Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) techniques by ACT founder, Steven Hayes, Ph.D. and physician and therapist, Russ Harris, M.B.B.S.

She also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Management and currently manages two departments of highly dedicated employees for a Fortune 500-sized health insurance organisation in Michigan (USA).

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Louise ACT Auntie profile 2.jpg

louise gardner

Louise Gardner is a professional illustrator who works in the children’s book industry.

She also has an alter ego called ACT Auntie and is passionate about communicating the transformative skills of ACT through her drawings and animations.

Louise has attended ACT workshops with Russ Harris, Joe Oliver and Louise Hayes and she uses ACT daily in her own life. You can check out Louise’s illustration work here, her ACT Auntie page here and her animations here.

Louise also created the Activate your life logo and creates our inspirational memes which you can check out here. Can you tell creativity is one of her favourite values!

Louise is currently training to become a life coach using ACT & will be working with clients very soon!