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Activate Your Life Group Training

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Activate Your Life Group Training is my eight week training programme that teaches you the fundamentals of ACT and how to apply it to your life.

Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT) is a unique and creative model for improving performance in life and work, based on the innovative use of mindfulness and values. The aim of ACT is to maximise your potential for a rich, full and meaningful life; to cultivate health, vitality and well-being through mindful values-based living.

You’ll learn to:

  • How to define your values for everyday living

  • How to put distance between you and your thoughts so they don’t keep you stuck

  • How to radically change your life through the power of acceptance

  • How to commit to making the changes that stick

  • How to rewrite your stories for greater impact

  • How to create focus, flexibility and fulfilment through contacting the present moment.

At the end of the course you’ll overcome:

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Lack of motivation

  • Lack of fulfilment

And you’ll gain:

  • Genuine happiness

  • Meaning and purpose

  • Confidence

  • Closer relationships

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Fulfilment

Course modules

  • Week 1: ACT what is it all about?

  • Week 2: Defusion putting space between us and our thoughts.

  • Week 3: Contacting the present moment

  • Week 4: Values - know what matters

  • Week 5: Committed action - do what works

  • Week 6: Acceptance

  • Week 7: Stories we tell ourselves

  • Week 8: ACT in your life


  • Regular emails designed to help you stay on track

  • Audio mindfulness exercises

  • Activate Your Life ebook

  • Your own private group on Facebook

Delivered through ZOOM video conferencing 

Zoom is an online video conferencing system that allows the group to get together in the same online room. It even allows breakouts sessions for pair work during the training.

This application is simple to use and creates a very private setting.

I can show you exactly how to use Zoom and If I can figure it out, so can you :-)


The course starts on Monday, January 7th 2019 at 19:00 Central European Time with a weekly live Zoom call lasting two hours.

The course completes 8 weeks later.

100% Money back guarantee

I am so confident in ACT working just as well for you as it has for me. That If for some reason this course doesn’t deliver change and growth for you within a year, then I’ll refund your money to you without question.

Making the world a better place through better mental health

I believe that a business should do more than just attract opportunity for itself. I believe that it is my responsibility to create more so we can contribute more as well.

I’ve struggled with my mental health in my life and I know how powerful talking through your problems can be.

Therefore as part of my plan to give back 10% of my 1-1 coaching and group coaching fees are donated to support the mental health foundation.