Acceptance and Commitment Coaching (ACC) is also known as Acceptance and Commitment Training/Therapy and shortened to the abbreviation ACT typically pronounced as the word "act".

ACC gets its name from its core approach of accepting rather than trying to change or control thoughts and emotions and then committing to undertaking a valued-based action.

The development of psychological flexibility lies at the heart of ACC.

The ACC coach aims to help the client live a life in line with their own personal values while giving them the tools to accept the unhelpful thoughts and feelings that is an inevitable aspects of a rich and meaningful life.

ACC emphasises mindfulness skills and teaches these and other skills through experiential exercises and values-guided behavioural interventions. The core principles of ACC include cognitive defusion, acceptance, mindfulness, observing the self, values and committed action.

Acceptance and Commitment works! Because it has over 200 randomised controlled studies (the gold standard in scientific evidence) proving its effectiveness.  

Our ACC life coaches

At Activate Your Life we created a space where ACC coaches come together and offer their services to a range of clients.

The flexibility of the ACC model is that it can be used across the psychological spectrum. Thus, in line with our values we are open to any life coach who uses the ACT approach with their clients.

To ensure that our coaches maintain the highest standard in care we require that our coaches receive peer supervision from ACBS approved peer supervisors and clinical psychologists.

This means that you can be assured that your ACC life coach is always working to maintain strict quality of care standards.

TEAL organisation

Activate Your Life is a TEAL organisation. We operate based on self-management and collaboration with no need for centralised command and control. We are a living organisation and we develop in line with our evolutionary purpose promoting a sense of wholeness, inviting people to bring their emotional, intuitive, and spiritual self to the work that they do.