About Me


I’ve been lost for most of my life.

When I was nine my father died and right at a time when a child’s worse fear is of losing a parent.

It took something from me that I spent a lifetime trying to fill.

I’ve spent my life trying to be good enough. I’ve spend a lifetime trying to understand myself so I can be a better version of myself.

Of all the methods, approaches and books that I’ve read the only approach that worked for me was Acceptance and Commitment Training.

A powerful action based life coaching method for getting your life unstuck, reducing anxiety and helping you find purpose and meaning.

Through applying the lessons of ACT I’ve discovered my purpose in life is to help others achieve their own exceptional lives.

I’m a certified mindfulness trainer and one of the few life coaches using Acceptance and Commitment Training as a model for my clients.

If you are a mid life professional, feel like you have lost your way and want to find back your motivation, passion and have more meaning apply now and find out how you can get your life moving again.

Gary has extraordinary coaching capabilities. He puts his natural empathy, curiosity and personal experience to the service of his coaching classes
— Xavier

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