All my meditations are on Insight Timer. A great application that brings meditation teachers and students together under one roof.

You can access any of my meditations directly by clicking on the pictures below.

In this practice, I guide you through the simple practice of being with your breath. This is a restorative practice, in which you'll connect with your breathing and allow your attention to rest on the cycle of your breathing.

We take the experience a little deeper by focusing on the transition point between your breaths. Following this, we open up our awareness to all of our breathing once more before we bring the meditation to an end.

In this short guided practice we take 10 minutes to help you connect with your breath. From this space of stillness, you will gradually become more calm, as you release any stress or tension you may be holding onto. This is a highly soothing and restorative exercise.

The loving kindness meditation is one of the most popular meditation techniques around, and for good reason. Those who practice loving-kindness meditation regularly are able to increase their capacity for forgiveness, connection to others, self-acceptance, and more.

In this instructional and directive style of meditation, I help you open up to difficult emotions such as anger, anxiety, fear or sadness.

First we connect with our breathing before visualising a time when you experienced a difficult emotion. Before helping you open up to your difficult emotion and creating space and room to breath.

The three-minute breathing space is a practice you can do to ground yourself when you are feeling stressed and anxious.

In this practice, I take you through the hourglass shape of the three-minute breathing space, helping you to attend to what is happening right now, before focusing on your breathing and bringing your attention to your whole body.

The three-minute breathing space can be used to help you take a pause whenever you feel overwhelmed and want to respond rather than act.

Once you've learnt the technique you can use it whenever you feel you need to reach a state of inner peace.