Mastering Communication

How to lead, motivate and inspire others

The road to becoming a more influential communicator is a journey, not a destination. Start your journey with an in-depth one day communication workshop. On this one-day workshop you'll learn a mindful and natural communication style that will help you inspire, motivate and lead others. This course is ideal for teams looking to improve their communication both within and without their team.

Duration: One day workshop


Motivate others

You'll learn how to help others build purpose and meaning and tap into sources of intrinsic motivation. Even when times are challenging you'll still be able to motivate and inspire others to do their best work.



Shape behaviour

You'll learn how the theory of language and cognition (Relational Frame Theory) can help to shape people's behaviour. You'll be able to spend more of your time enabling others to solve problems instead of just talking about them.



Resolve Conflict 

You'll learn how to identify sources of conflict earlier and be able to confidently negotiate win-win outcomes. You'll understand how to identify the difference between interests and positions. You'll be able to find solutions that address all parties’ concerns.


One of the most important skills in becoming more influential in your communication is developing self-awareness. Self-awareness allows for a listening that is free of assumptions and judgments that compromise healthy communication. Before we are able to listen deeply to others, we need to learn how to listen deeply to ourselves. It is this self-awareness that helps us to understand the other’s frame of reference and help you influence and persuade them to your point of view.


At the end of this programme you'll and your team will be able to;

  • Build productive relationships at work.

  • Be able to shape people's behaviour with your language.

  • Be able to resolve conflict and negotiate win-win outcomes.

  • Be able to inspire and motivate others, even in stressful situations.

  • Be able to help others be more creative and find ways to solve their problems and challenges.

Your Trainers


Gary has over 25 years of experience working across industries and sectors. He has served in the British Royal Air Force, designed navigation systems for cars, won and managed UK and EU research funding and once even started his own tech company.

He is a certified coach with extensive experience in cross-cultural communication and international team coordination. He is experienced in using Acceptance and Commitment Training which is based on Relational Frame Theory to help his clients get unstuck, perform better and achieve their goals.

He has successfully lead multinational research teams of up to 20 partners consisting of government institutions, industry associations, non-governmental organisations, and private companies. He understands how to lead, motivate and inspire people to work together towards shared values and goals.


Mike is a trained and licensed lawyer and mediator, was educated in the US at Boston College and the University of Denver College of Law School.  For 25 years he has been involved in helping people change, adapt and successfully achieve challenges and opportunities. 

Mike has worked extensively in the public sector for organisations such as UN, EU Commission, OSCE, Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe. As well as pharma, banking, telecoms, food,  and manufacturing.

One of his greatest achievements was mediating the implementation of Bosnian election results, free access to media, cross-border movement across recent combat front-lines, and the return of refugees to pre-war homes (thereby reversing ethnic cleansing).