Leann helps people stuck in a cycle of stress, overthinking, and worry to regain hope and learn to calm their mental chatter.  She uses Acceptance and Commitment Coaching, Compassion Focused techniques, and mindfulness practices to ease overwhelmed and exhausted minds.

Leann’s story

Leann is a lifelong book lover and student of personal growth. Her childhood curiosity inspired her to challenge herself to spend time in the library reading books on psychology, behavior, and meditation. She read - and put to use - her mother’s pop psychology books and discovered her first lessons on how people can change if they have the right model to follow. 

From working as an analyst in technology for 20 years, to studying animal behavior, exploring music and art, and practicing zen meditation, Leann has a knack of assembling unique connections across a broad range of tools in order to live a happier life. Her love of learning has always guided her to find the most useful tools to solve life’s challenges and she brings these skills into coaching.

 For her, ACT is unique in that it blends openness, awareness, and committed action found  in spirituality, philosophy, and psychology throughout human history. She enjoys teaching this model to others in order to work with painful thoughts and increase resilience and self-compassion.

Who Leann Works With 

Leann enjoys helping facilitate mental and emotional strength in very challenging circumstances. She's most passionate about working with people who are:

  • Perfectionists, worriers, and over-thinkers who need help in finding mental peace, more self-care, and self-compassion. 

  • Ambitious and driven people who are suffering from burnout and exhaustion and want to know how to get off the proverbial hamster wheel.

  • Knowledge workers who want to tap into their creativity for stress-relief.

  • Experiencing communication and trust issues in relationships.

  • People living with diabetes or chronic illness who are stressed by the mental strain of treatments.


“Leann has made me feel less “crazy” in so many instances than I can count! In times of extreme stress and anxiety, she is much needed reprieve to bounce thoughts off of, both negative and positive. Her easy going nature and lack of judgement in anything I tell her, is refreshing and really indicates her dedication to help. Her perception into my life from snippets I tell her prompt not only awesome suggestions of what could help alleviate the tumultuous thoughts but also help me to come “off the ledge” and really focus on what I need to not just sustain, but enjoy life. As someone who has always struggled to put myself first, she provides the justification and encouragement that it is okay to be a little “selfish” and to have self-care. She is a constant reminder of “you can’t take care of others without first taking care of yourself.”

Jackie S.


“Leann is knowledgeable, caring  and personally experienced through her own journey. She was able to help me find emotional well-being. I had been clinging onto hope but was suffocating under the strain. With Leann's insights and support, she provided the means to loosen the choke-hold my hopes held over me.and I was able to move to a place of acceptance of reality. I always knew I was never alone and that I was safe with her, that she understood and sincerely cared for me. She was with me step by step, always encouraging me. Because of our work together,  I have been able to experience  happiness again and will forever be immensely grateful to her.”

Susan T.


“Leann listened to me and my story in a way that made me feel truly heard for the first time in a long time. Not only that, but she then was able to help me see what my options are – even a few I thought sounded scary didn’t sound so bad when coming from her. Nothing I said seemed to surprise her and that made me feel less awkward.  She was very reassuring and I hung up feeling much better AND I had a plan.”

Sondra W.


“After my call with Leann, I felt like I found hope for me and my family. She understood the stress I’ve been under and when she repeated back to me my situation, I realized I had been too hard them and on myself. She has a way of putting things so matter-of-factly that you don’t feel bad about yourself anymore. I really wasn’t sure what a coach was supposed to do for me because no one has a magic wand, but after talking to her I could see options that I couldn’t see before.  I’m really glad we talked!”

Bill S.