“When I first started coaching lessons with Gary I felt very much my value rested in helping others only. With all my anxieties and lack of self worth, Gary helped me understand that through my own gift of thought, I can create my own experience and understanding of the world infinitely for the better. This means I now invest a lot more time in me and am so much more relaxed. In fact opportunities are opening up I never imagined. Through my life's ups and downs, I can see it for what is, stand back and make better choices. Life is good. Thank you Gary”

Nicola Stilwell - United Kingdom

“Working with Gary came at the exact right time for me. I always feel connected to Gary and whether we're speaking once a week, a short text or I simply hear his voice in my head, I'm able to connect to my wisdom. I look forward to continuing our relationship as we move through challenges and glorious times ahead. Doing this work is not always easy, and a lot of times I don't enjoy the pain or don't want to face the consequences of my decisions. Gary, however, is a true Sherpa through these inevitable tough times. It's on me, nobody else will tell me what to do. Gary gets that and doesn't enable. He sits, in silence, until he doesn't anymore. Then it changes, then we speak. Then we breathe. Whatever we need we do. He's in it with me, but never driving. I get the keys and the wheel to working on my own deep levels. And once I felt the difference of working for and on myself at a deep level, owning my own BS, it changed me for the better”

Adam Mastrelli - United States

“Gary has the ability to ask the bold questions we don’t often want to ask ourselves. A vital skill when acquiring an honest and upfront coach. His words often rumble around my head months after our sessions. Also, it’s great to work with someone who has ‘been in your shoes’. From books, to meditation, to working practices...his recommendations have been instrumental in helping me move forwards as a business woman and a person.”

Clare Freemen - United Kingdom

“I was lost and lacked direction, and I was allowing life events to weigh me down. Over our sessions Gary helped me notice my thoughts, words and emotions. This helped me take a step back and observe how self critical I was.

I learnt to accept and give myself some non-judgmental space, where I could find the self-compassion that I needed.

I always felt at ease, and found Gary to be calm, honest, focused and compassionate.

At the end of our sessions I was able to unblock years of unconscious, unhelpful thinking which was really holding me back.

I have had coaching and counselling before, but these were positively different. I really enjoyed and looked forward to each session.

Since the coaching has ended I have made great strides, personally and professionally. 

I'm exploring areas of my life that I thought I would never do.

I would recommend Gary to anyone who is seeking real, compassionate change."

David Austin - United Kingdom

“This was my first experience of one-on-one coaching. While there were some complications involved in the fact that we were in different time zones, it was great being able to do the sessions from home, knowing that there was confidentiality and no need to be taking time off work. I initially felt that Gary was frustrated by my lack of progress (my perception) but he was patient with me and made a couple of comments that stuck in my mind. These led to me fully committing to the alcohol-free lifestyle. After about 6 sessions I got my head around the idea of life without alcohol and being able to tell people that I choose not to drink. We also talked about other life goals, one of which was running a marathon. Now at age 46 I am registered to do one! I am continuing to make further micro-commitments which are positively impacting my wellbeing. My improved habits are also rubbing off on family members which has been a delightful but unexpected consequence. I would highly recommend having some sessions with Gary - you will be surprised how much you can change your outlook and improve your life in a short period of time with his support.”

Katie A - New Zealand

"I came to Gary wanting to increase my communication skills, further develop self-compassion and committed action. Over our eight session journey, I have grown in these areas and so much more. I come out of each session with greater purpose and tools to help me move forward positively in ways that are consistent with my values. Gary’s coaching couldn’t have come at a more timely period in my life.

A time when I was starting a new relationship, transitioning from a stable 13-year career into building my own company. He supported my medication practice, helped me to observe unhelpful thoughts and emotions (usually surrounding the topic of fear, failure, not being good enough, worry, rumination, perfectionism, over-planning) more objectively, gently and naturally.

I learned diffusion techniques which resulted in the gradual decrease in negative effects associated with these thoughts. The biggest accomplishment for me during this time has been the profound increase in self compassion. Through this process I am learning to come to terms with my failures and imperfections. I continue to discover ways to manage stress through more productive actions.

I would recommend Gary’s coaching to anyone who is looking for some grounding in their values, the compass to direct committed action for goal achievement and stress reduction."

Casey Hayden - MA, Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

"What stood out was that in a sea of wannabe practitioners and teachers of "skills" and "practices" in this space, this is the real deal: Focused, intelligent, exploratory, tolerant and wise, I'd recommend Gary's very human, humane, and practical approach to anyone."

Neil Fleming - Consultant; screenwriter; playwright; poet

"Gary is a very accomplished and dedicated life and career coach. What I liked most about him are three aspects in particular:

1) he is authentic - he does not present himself as a more enlightened human being but presents himself as he is with all his flaws, traumas, struggles and happy moments. Gary practices what he preaches (and he doesn't preach)

2) he applies illustrative concepts and metaphors when they are useful. So, for example he talks about pouring in more soup to dilute the salt in the soup.

3) he listens and accepts to whatever you say.

He does not pass judgement (not more than can't be avoided as a human).

He allows you to be yourself in his presence. 

These ingredients have made for immensely enjoyable and very helpful sessions. Be aware, he does not offer a cure, but a path to an improved life that will take more work after the course to truly bear fruit.

Stephan Decher - Managing Partner

“Gary is a very dedicated, flexible, reliable, and trustworthy coach who offered me an individual tailored leadership and communication coaching using a variety of methods. What I appreciated the most is that he is tutoring with real-life experience for real-world business situations and that he is practising in a transparent style, focusing on personal values and supporting individual aims. It was a great inspiration, and pleasure working with him.”

Bianka Hofman - Head of Communication

"Gary is an excellent coach. He has the ability to read between the lines and help you find your roadblocks. He is compassionate and honest. We have covered a lot of ground during our coaching sessions and it has helped me become more efficient in my work and more content with its processes. I highly recommend Gary as a coach."

Catherine Boisvert - Research Fellow

"Gary has extraordinary coaching capabilities. He puts his natural empathy, curiosity and personal experience to the service of his coaching classes, which are always engaging and mind-opening. Whether you need to improve your skills, practice mindfulness or overcome specific challenges, you will always benefit from Gary’s sessions"

Xavier Aubry - Founder and Managing Partner

“One of the best sources for personal growth is within us. Unfortunately, even though we believe we know ourselves well, the pursuit for insights is often blocked by layers of our unconscious defence mechanisms. These might be helpful in the short term but prevent us from digging deep and really understanding what we are about. I’m very curious to understand myself better but the business endeavours keep me on the move and I rarely find time to pause and experience the now. This is why I joined Gary’s coaching sessions – I wanted to explore the concepts of mindfulness and learn more about myself.

Gary got together a small group of men and for eight weeks led our meditations and discussions. We explored compassion, attention, and unconscious mental processes that guide a lot of our behaviour. These are all very personal matters, however, Gary facilitated our sharing and explorations. He is very honest with himself and it also became very natural for all of us to dig deep and find out more about ourselves in the process. We formed a strong bond, almost like an alliance. I learned, enjoyed myself, and am looking to spend more time with Gary in the future.”

Jernej Zupanc - Founder and Director

"Gary worked with UCL to help mentor members of staff who were making the transition from managing projects to managing people and teams of people. Gary has provided us with an excellent service – both professionally and personally. If an organisation is looking for a mentor or coach, then I can highly recommend and hereby fully endorse Gary.”

Michael Browne - Head of European Research and Innovation

“Gary is certainly the coach you need for your professional development. He is sharp, constructive and always comes with concrete tools to implement the change you want to make. Definitively worth it.”

Coline Lavorel - Senior Manager Public Affairs and Sustainability

“Gary is definitely an excellent coach! He spots immediately the inconvenient truth about a business that many entrepreneurs don’t dare to hear. After that, Gary proposes a set of realistic guidelines or suggestions to be followed by these entrepreneurs helping them to reach a long-term goal: becoming happier entrepreneurs accompanied with more successful businesses.

Gary’s coaching sessions are highly recommended without any doubt, but only for professionals who are willing to commit themselves a 100%“

Daniela S. Gomes - CEO

“Gary is really approachable and highly insightful as a coach. He takes a structured, evidence-based approach to coaching, and provides a range of really useful material via his blog and webinars. He is able to offer a unique blend of insights from the world of academia and business which is just what I needed as an academic seeking to make a difference in the real world.”

Mark Reed - Professor of Socio-Technical Innovation

“Gary first checks that we share the same spirit about business, entrepreneurship and life. He wants to work with like-minded people; this ensures that his coaching and pieces of advice perfectly fit with the context and find a welcoming ear. It works. He coaches engages us in a schedule and brings a pace that makes deliverables arise without perceived effort. It was a delighting experience, and I will certainly work with him again”

Laurent Kinet Venture Builder, Entrepreneur, Investor