Who I work with

I work with people who want to transition to a happier, centred and balanced life style.

Most of my clients are like me and have suffered some trauma in their past, emotional neglect, or significant loss and need help healing themselves.

Whatever it is you know that you’ve been chasing self-improvement, growth and development just to try to fill this hole inside of you.

You’ve been seeking greater achievements, focusing on having the perfect image and trying to just be the best that you can in all circumstances.

These behaviours and others are compensation for the hollowness, the feeling of never being enough, and never really trusting others.

Despite this you may be a high achiever who has found success easily.

Or you may have struggled, moving from job-to-job, never quite finding your purpose, but sensing great potential which remains unfulfilled.

No matter how life has been so far you know it could offer you so much more.

If you are not getting what you want from life then I’m happy to tell you there is hope.

You can discover who you are, put aside your past and live with confidence, love and passion again.

With my approach we never go backwards, we won’t talk about the past we’ll just talk about the present moment and how your experience is being created right now.

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