At Activate Your Life we work with the following intentions in everything we do.


At Activate Your Life we are open to ideas, to beliefs, to different approaches and people. We are open to differences in thought and opinions. We are open to different world views and cultures.


At Activate Your Life we love what we do and want to ensure that the message of love is embedded into our coaching programmes and offers. Love activates and empowers us to be our best self and to step out of our fears and become who we are truly meant to be.


Compassion gives you the ability to understand someone else's perspective and the desire to take action to improve your life. It is the quality that allows you to step outside of yourself and see the circumstances of others, show empathy and be one with humanity.


At Activate Your Life we support you to transform yourself. We work to help you grow, take on new skills and become the best person you can be. We believe that personal transformation is important in helping you realise your potential.