A six-week group training programme to bring about personal and professional transformation

Brussels, Belgium starting 25th April 2019

Since the coaching has ended I have made great strides, personally and professionally. - David

In this short video Gary explains a little bit more about what you can expect to get from the coaching programme.

If you are ready to embrace a new way of thinking and move towards mastery of your life.

If you are ready to build habits that stick, change behaviours and step into who you want to be.

Then join acceptance and commitment coach Gary Bridgeman on a six-week group coaching experience that will change your world.

By the end of the six weeks you’ll;

  • Be a more loving and compassionate person

  • Have less anxiety and stress

  • Have a regular mindfulness practice

  • Give (and receive) more from life

  • Develop a far deeper understanding of one’s self

  • Show up and make a bigger impact for loved ones, family, work and community

  • Understand your unique role in life

What's included in the six-week group coaching programme?

  • Weekly in-depth group coaching session

  • Weekly guided meditations

  • Workbook and weekly experiential exercises

  • Weekly motivational emails with links to videos and resources to consume.

  • Email support during the working week to answer any questions or concerns

To ensure a focussed learning environment I only offer ten spaces for the group coaching.

You will be surprised how much you can change your outlook and improve your life in a short period of time with Gary’s support. - Katie A

What You’ll Learn

How Your Life Is Going To Change in just six weeks

Acceptance and commitment coaching is built on proven science that blends psychology with philosophy creating a unique model for living your life in alignment with your deepest values and convictions.

"Inside the wisdom traditions, there are ways of reining in analytic judgmental language, and the wisdom traditions impact our deeper clinical traditions." - Professor Steven C. Hayes one of the founding fathers of Acceptance and Commitment Coaching

Why your emotions and thoughts stop you being who you want to be

We want to run from our unpleasant emotions and unhelpful thoughts. Unfortunately, this means we end up suffering more than we have to because the cost of this is to avoid all of our emotions.

Our capacity to feel joy, connection and love is directly connected to our capacity to feel loss.

You’ll learn how to overcome your overwhelming emotions and unhelpful thoughts, so they no longer act as a barrier to achieving your goals.

Why vulnerability is the path to happiness

To learn, we have to be able to become vulnerable—and admit failure. Personal growth depends on our ability to be vulnerable, to make mistakes, to be willing to fail, to be uncertain and take risks, and to adapt our approach in our search to be complete.

You’ll learn how to be open and accepting of your vulnerability so that you can become comfortable with uncertainty, take risks and feel complete.

How to access feelings of joy, inner peace, forgiveness, gratitude, and compassion

When you understand the concept of unity and wholeness, you’ll unleash the power within you.

Acceptance and commitment coaching helps you connect to your deeper sense of self and allows you to access your internal happiness.

You’ll learn how to maintain feelings of happiness, inner peace independent of external circumstances.

You'll learn how to develop a transcendental sense of self that you can access to step outside of your stories that you tell yourself.

How to live your life with intent and connect with your higher sense of purpose

Once you step away from your thoughts and develop a more transcendental sense of self, you’re able to connect to your greater sense of purpose.

You’ll understand what actions you need to take to create a life of purpose and meaning.

I come out of each session with greater purpose and tools to help me move forward positively in ways that are consistent with my values. Gary’s coaching couldn’t have come at a more timely period in my life. - Casey

Program Information

Master the six processes of acceptance and commitment coaching


Each week we'll look at a new part of the model and you'll learn new skills, tools and strategies that you can use to become your authentic self.

At the end of each weekly session, you'll be set homework, meditations and exercises for you to complete that help you build psychological flexibility.

What is psychological flexibility?

Psychological flexibility means “contacting the present moment fully as a conscious human being, and based on what the situation affords, changing or persisting in behaviour in the service of chosen values”.

In common language that means being able to sit with our unhelpful thoughts, emotions and urges and take action that moves us towards our values.

Week One - Be Here Now

In this module we take a look at mindfulness what it is and what it isn't and the skill of being more aware.

Mindfulness is a particular quality of awareness, in acceptance and commitment coaching we define mindfulness as being aware of the present moment, in a way that is conscious, curious and flexible.

The way we pay attention and where we direct our awareness is fundamental to the way we experience life.

If we become inflexible with how and where we direct our attention - if it is continuously rigid and super focused like a laser beam, or if it is too diffuse, wandering around all over the place our lives will be diminished.

Week Two - Create Space

In this module, we will look at the ways you can create space between you and your thoughts.

We all tend to over-identify with our thoughts, amplifying them in our minds to become “the truth.”

When we become so attached or fused, to ideas in this way, it is easy to see how they can feel so powerful.

You'll be introduced to powerful practical skills that help you overcome unhelpful thoughts and emotions that sometimes hook you and stop you stepping out of fear and into love.

Week Three - Check your story

Since you were born and started to speak, you’ve been asked many questions about yourself. How old are you? What do you want to be? What do you like? Who are you? Over time you’ve built a consistent “story” about yourself.

You have a story about what you’ve done and what you like.

You have a story about why you have problems or how you can’t be like other people you admire.

Why you can’t have the life you want for yourself or live a life of love?

In this session, we'll look at how you can look at your story and rewrite it so you can stop being controlled by your stories you tell yourself.

Week Four- Accept and Expand

Acceptance changes your life once you understand how to achieve it, but a lot of people struggle with how to do it.

The first thing to realise that acceptance isn't something that you obtain through a cognitive process, you can't just decide to accept something, and that is that.

It is instead, something that you do with your body rather than your head. It is something that you feel rather than think.

In this session, we'll look at some of the most effective practices that you can use to promote acceptance in your life.

Week Five - Know What Matters

Have you thought about the big question in life?

"What do you hope to achieve and what kind of person do you want to be?"

Have you stopped to think about the bigger picture, where your life is going, and what you are searching for?

People who spend time answering these questions with clarity and depth often come to find that the only thing that gets in their way is themselves. This is because thinking about where you came from, who you are and where you are going helps you chart a simpler and more rewarding path through life.

So how do you do it effectively?

In this session, we will look at how you can get in touch with what matters in your life and gain clarity on what you want your life to be about.

Week Six - Take Intentional Action

When we tend to get lost in the past, worry about the future, react to our emotions or believe our thoughts, we stay stuck in self-defeating patterns of behaviour.

Intentional action is a step-by-step process of creating a whole life of purpose, true to your self, your deepest wishes and desires.

It is the difference between being interested in achieving your goals and being committed to achieving your goals.

If you are merely interested, you will continue to justify, avoid and give in to your thoughts and emotions.

In this session, we look at how you bring together all your skills to take the intentional action that helps you step out of fear and into love.

Meet Gary your guide, facilitator and coach for the next six weeks

Gary Bridgeman AC life Coach

Gary Bridgeman AC life Coach

"What stood out was that in a sea of wannabe practitioners and teachers of "skills" and "practices" in this space, this is the real deal: Focused, intelligent, exploratory, tolerant and wise, I'd recommend Gary's very human, humane, and practical approach to anyone." - Neil

Gary is an acceptance and commitment life coach and a certified mindfulness teacher, living in Brussels, Belgium.

Gary’s Story
At nine years old Gary lost his father to cancer.

This one event become something that drove him to search for answers to life’s biggest questions.

Who do I want to be?

What do I want my life to stand for?

What do I want to do with the time I have available to me every day?

”I spent my life looking for ways to fill this hole inside of me with drugs, relationships and jobs. I believed that life was something that happened to me rather than for me. I spent a lifetime searching for purpose and meaning outside of myself.

It was only by using the tools and processes of acceptance and commitment coaching I was able to wake up to my behaviours, overcome my overwhelming emotions and step into who I truly wanted to be” - Gary Bridgeman AC Life Coach.

Acceptance and commitment coaching has helped Gary transform his beliefs about himself.

He has gone from lost, confused and stuck to being clear about his purpose and mission in life.

Becoming at peace with the world around him and at peace within himself.

Gary’s Personal Mission Statement
To serve as a healer, helping people find inner peace, avoid suffering and build happy, fulfilling and purposeful lives.

Gary is an excellent coach. He has the ability to read between the lines and help you find your roadblocks. He is compassionate and honest. We have covered a lot of ground during our coaching sessions and it has helped me become more efficient in my work and more content with its processes. I highly recommend Gary as a coach. - Catherine

Dates and timing

The programme will take place over six weeks;

25th April 2019, 1900 to 2100
2nd May 2019, 1900 to 2100
9th May 2019, 1900 to 2100
16th May 2019, 1900 to 2100
23th May 2019, 1900 to 2100
29th May 2019, 1900 to 2100

Location of the coaching sessions
Cooperativa Kreativa
Rue Volta 8
Ixelles 1050



Six week group coaching payment plan

Six week group coaching payment plan - two payments of €150, second payment due week three of the course.

Six week group coaching standard price

Standard price ticket includes all 6 sessions, plus workbook, weekly emails and online support.

Six week group coaching bring a friend

Six week group coaching programme - bring a friend and receive 50% off the second space.


I’m so confident that you’ll be able to have long term behaviour change from this programme. That I’ll offer a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee that if you’ve not seen change in yourself and your life within six months I’ll refund your investment.