Gary works with teams to help them become more mindful, resilient and productive. He helps them develop open dialogue, manage conflicts and improve communication.

He has had an extensive career across different industries and companies. He has lead multinational teams spread across to the globe to deliver EU funded projects in transport, energy and software.

He can provide workshops to help reduce stress, improve communication and increase efficiency. He understands how to use language to motivate people and help them perform at their best.


To enquire about booking a workshop then please use the contact form below.

We did a team value-based mindfulness training with Gary that was highly appreciated. It gave us very useful tools and the insights to apply them both in the workplace and in our personal lives. The training was given in several sessions, giving us time to progressively integrate and practice the learnings. We enjoyed working with Gary, he is authentic, honest and has a respectful personality that is non-intrusive. He made the trainings engaging by sharing personal experiences and examples that helped us relate and open up. I would strongly recommend him.
— Dr Laura Fernandez
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