The importance of self-reflection in your life

In this video, I take a look at the importance of taking the time for self-reflection and introduce you to a powerful exercise that can help you create the future you want for yourself.

Write a letter to yourself from about five years in the future

How to do it

Think about and write an answer to each question below for about 5 minutes before moving on to the next question.

1. What things have you done better?

2. What things have you learnt about?

3. What habits have you improved?

a. At work

b. At home

c. In your relationships with friends and family

d. For your health?

4. Think about your social life – what friends do you have and what connections have you made?

5. Your leisure activities

a. Take a moment to consider the activities you would like to pursue outside of obligations such as work, and family. The activities you choose should be worthwhile and personally meaningful.

6. Your family life in the future

a. Take a moment to consider your home and family life. What kind of family would you want? What kind of home life would you like?

7. Your career and business

a. Think about what you are trying to accomplish?

b. Who are you working with?

c. What does your business/work look like?

After thinking about the above you will now write down how you’ve achieved everything in a letter to yourself from the future.

First close your eyes. Daydream, if you can, and imagine your ideal future:

• Who do you want to be?

• What do you want to do?

• Where do you want to end up?

• Why do you want these things?

• How do you plan to achieve your goals?

• When will you put your plans into action?

Now, write continuously for 20 to 30 minutes without stopping.

Start with,

Dear [your Name]

Describe where you are and why you are writing to the person.

Dear Gary,

It is so good to be writing this letter to you. I’m sat at my desk in front of a window that looks out towards the Atlantic Ocean on the Irish coast. It’s a stormy autumn day, the wind is whipping up white caps on the waves…..

Describe your day in a way that reflects your ideal day

I woke today at 6 as I usually do, started my day with meditation and yoga. Then I went to the study to continue to write my book on obtaining genuine happiness and fulfilment in life. I had my coaching client; I only coach one person at time now…

Be descriptive and evoke the details of your life and what you have achieved and how you achieved it

When I look back on what I’ve achieved in the past five years I’m filled with pride and satisfaction. I can’t really believe how far I’ve come. When I first started coaching I was struggling to make my bills every month, now I have a global coaching business working with….

Talk about how you achieved your goals and the people that have helped you along the way

Talk about why you wanted this life you’ve made for yourself and how you feel now you’ve achieved it.

Talk about the kind of person that you are.

Talk about the problems you’ve over come to reach your new life

Finish by giving yourself some advice from the future.

Dream while you write, and don't stop. Write until at least 20 minutes have passed. Be ambitious. Imagine a life that you would regard as worthy, exciting, productive, creative and meaningful.

Remember, you are writing only for yourself. Choose goals that you want to pursue for your own private reasons, not because someone else thinks that those goals are important. You don't want to live someone else's life. Include your deepest thoughts and feelings about all your personal goals.

Gary Bridgeman