Let go of your past to create your future

When you look out into the world from your perspective, you think you see the future.

But in reality what you see is the past.

Your consciousness lags 80 milliseconds behind actual events.

As you walk down the street seeing the world, populated by people and things.

What you see is already 80 milliseconds old.

You think you see the future by predicting the past.

That building was there 80 milliseconds ago so it will still be there 80 milliseconds from now.

But this isn't just about predicting the location of people and things in the world.

There is no future to see.

It isn't there.

You are predicting the future based on your experience of the past.

You are telling yourself a story of how your future will be based on your past, based on your emotions, your fears, your hopes and your dreams.

If you want a different future to your past you need to let go of your fears and take action now to create it.

Up until this moment, your life has followed the path that it has, based on the stories you have told yourself about who you are, what you could be and how others have treated you.

But none of that is true, none of it exists, it is just a story you've told yourself so you can make sense of the world.

So you can understand how you got to this moment.

So you can justify your life and how it has been and how you believe it will be in the future.

Instead, tell yourself a new story, one that isn't based on your fears from the past and start to create a new future for yourself.

If you want a future full of wealth, health and happiness, then you need to take action now to create it.

The future isn't here yet, it is still 80 milliseconds away take action now to create the future you want for yourself.