Letting go of your fears

We are what we believe.

Your belief system is rooted in your past, that is the only experience that you have to assess the future. 

It makes sense then that you believe that the fears of the past will dictate the fears of the future. 

Fear always distorts your perception and confuses you as to what is going on.

You then spend a lot of time in the past and the future worrying about your fears rather than being in the present moment.

Your fearful thoughts start to shape your reality and what you see is a reflection of the thoughts in your mind rather than the truth.

How to let go of your fears

Think about the fearful words you use. 

These words serve only to remind you of your past and keep you fearful of the future.

If only

Words that you use to judge yourself or others.

Words that you use to compare yourself to others.

Words that you use to label yourself or others.

Using these words are a sign that you have fears about the past and future.

Instead, try to remove these words from your internal and external voice. 

Come into the present moment

When you are overwhelmed with fearful thoughts.

Take a long slow full breath in and then out.

Take a look around you.

Widen your vision become open to the world around you. 

The sounds.

The colours.

The objects.

The People.

Become open to the sensations in your body, your emotions.

Breathe into your fear, know it, feel it, experience it.

Then ask yourself some questions.

Is this the life you want to live?

Is this the person you want to be?

Is this the best you can be?

Can you be stronger?


More compassionate?


Write them down

Write your fears down. 

Analyze them. 

Why are you afraid of this fear?

If you don't succeed, you are a failure?

Why are you afraid of failure?

What does it mean to you to be a failure?

What would happen if you fail?

Go deep into your story and face your fears.

Change your attitude

Now you know your fears change your attitude about them.

Are they realistic?

Will the fears of the past always come true?

Just because you failed once before will you fail again?

Does x equal why?

Use love

Love and fear can't exist at the same time.

Love combats fear.

Love offers us nothing but an extension of ourselves.

Love doesn't judge, blame or criticise.

Love opens us up.

Ask yourself, if I was to choose love what would that look like?

What action would I take?

Love offers us everything we value, while fear offers you nothing at all.