Purpose and Meaning

Discover a proven framework for transformational life change

I've been working on myself for all of my adult life.

Overcoming feelings of shame, guilt and low self-esteem while trying to find my place in the world.

My childhood loss left me feeling broken and without a sense of who I was.

I was left with fear and anxiety that kept me stuck and feeling lost in life.

I now use this framework along with the three principles of mind, consciousness and thought to help my clients find and live their purpose.

Using the three principles and this framework helps you develop psychological flexibility - the ability to change your behaviours based on what the present moment requires.

When I'm coaching I'm taking you through this framework helping you find clarity and insight and supporting you to take action to move your life forward.

  • Be Here Now

  • Create Space

  • Check Your Story

  • Acceptance

  • Know What Matters

  • Take Intentional Action

Watch the video for information about each part of the framework and how you can apply it to your life to get unstuck, heal your past, and live with more purpose and meaning.

Most people don't ask themselves this one question, will you?

Most people don't ask themselves this one question, will you?

Have you really thought about the big question in life?

"What do you hope to achieve and what kind of person do you want to be?"

Have you really stopped to think about the bigger picture, where your life is going, and what you are searching for?

People who spend time answering these questions with clarity and depth come to find that the only thing that gets in their way is themselves.

Seeing the bigger picture

Seeing the bigger picture

A Netflix series that I am addicted to right now is Limitless.

In Limitless an FBI consultant Brian Finch takes a smart drug called NTZ that enables him to make connections at a more significant level than everyone else.

Brian can then see the bigger picture of the unseen forces that are trying to shape the reality of the show's characters.

While on NTZ Brian can connect information as large as geopolitical motivations, to weather, to individual actions so that he can predict the nemesis's next move.