Mental Health

The social media feed of the mind

Do you notice how if you click on something in your social media feed you start seeing ads and articles about that subject?

Our mind can be like that.

We live a constant stream of thinking and sometimes we click on thought and then similar thoughts are presented to us.

And we keep clicking and before you know it you find your self on a website looking at 'where are they now' pictures of child actors from the '80s.

Wondering where the last hour went.

You can choose not to click and just let another thought come into form.

Another thought will be along in a moment and that might be worth clicking on or not.

Of course, sometimes we can't help ourselves and we end up down the rabbit hole without even noticing.

We just have to live the feeling of that thinking until we wake up and see we are caught in thought.

And we can return to being at peace, calm and centred.

It's just how we are made.

Sometimes we have to get lost to be able to return home.

You can help yourself by;

❤️ Noticing all the good in your life no matter how small.

❤️ Letting go of the need to control your thoughts.

❤️ Having a willingness to return to peace and calmness.

Traits of healthy narcissism


Did you read that right?

Did I say healthy narcissism?

Yep, I did.

You see narcissism is trending right now and probably for good reason.

I fear though, we might throw the baby out with the bath water.

I for one didn't have enough narcissism in me for a long time.

Despite all the negative messaging, narcissism isn't inherently good or bad.

Rather it is a personality trait that we need to be successful in life.

We all need to feel special and get approval from the world around us.

And yes some people sit at the extreme end and do damage to those around them and even globally.

But if you don't have enough narcissism in you, you lose your voice, remain under confident, live with low self-esteem and people please.

In this video, I take a look at what it means to have a healthy amount of narcissism in you.

And how you can develop a healthy amount of narcissism to be a success in life.

Simple ways to reduce your stress and anxiety right away

Simple ways to reduce your stress and anxiety right away

You have evolved in an environment completely different to the one we live in today. 

You are indeed a fish out of water.

Gasping for breath as you suddenly find yourself in a complex,  messy and chaotic new world.

Life used to be simple for you, small communities, living in the moment, no worries about bills or how you are going to buy that new house, a new car or win that promotion.

My Mental Health Journey

My Mental Health Journey

I’m not alone in suffering and continuing to suffer from mental health hurdles. The World Health Organisation states that “one in four people in the world will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill-health and disability worldwide.”

I have been that one in four suffering from clinical depression which resulted in medication and three months off work. At the time I was employed by Nissan in the UK. They were supportive and compassionate to my needs providing me with excellent care through their company health policy. I was one of the lucky ones.