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How To Be A Better Listener (Part 2)

In essence, leadership and relationship building is a talking game. All interventions rely on the use and power of your language. Even when you choose to use silence as a tool to communicate.

It is hard to think of language as something that has evolved from a simpler origin. But there was a time where our language ability wasn’t as comprehensive as it is now. Language didn’t evolve to express ideas and the complexity of your internal experience.

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How To Be A Better Listener (Part 1)

You already know that active listening is a core skill to have as a leader or a manager but how do you actively listen? Many articles on the subject tell you why active listening is important but not how to do it.

I’ve talked in an earlier blog post about building a listening framework. In the next series of articles, I’ll expand on the listening framework and look at how to actively listen and how to build your listening skills.

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