What Is Authenticity?

What does it mean to be authentic?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that being authentic means that they should say what they think and feel.

The problem with this approach is that it treats your thoughts and feelings as absolute truth.

When they often don’t reflect reality.

And by speaking them out loud, you risk being driven by your thoughts and emotions rather than being informed by them.

It means that your actions are being controlled by your thoughts and feelings.

A better way of being is making sure your values and goals align with your behaviour.

Your values act as your compass and your guide to who you want to be. These are the values that you choose freely and not those given to you by society, parents or imposed by others.

You have to cut through the noise and reach the heart of who you want to be in life and leadership.

Rather than hiding from my thoughts I can choose how and what to communicate to others.

When I hide from my thoughts and feelings and deny them, I act in an inauthentic way.

When you align your values, goals and behaviour, there are some positive outcomes.

You’ll feel like your behaviour is a true expression of yourself reducing stress and anxiety.

When you act mindfully on your thoughts and feelings, you have more opportunities for growth.

Your behaviour will become consistent; you’ll improve your performance and your well-being.

You’ll put more effort into achieving your goals when they are aligned with your values meaning that you’ll achieve them quicker.