Activate Your Life

Full in love with life.

Find out what it really takes to heal yourself and full in love with life again.

2nd September to 10th September

17:30 CEST/ 08:30 PDT/ 12:30 EDT.


The secret to healing yourself

The truth is that the secret to healing yourself is seeing that there is nothing to heal.

Nothing is broken.

And there is nothing to fix.

When you see that you are whole and complete and have always been your life starts to transform from the inside out.

Healing doesn’t start until you stop beating yourself up

You can’t heal while you continuously keep hurting yourself with your own thoughts.

Once you stop seeing your thoughts for what they are, just thoughts.

Then you’ll see you are only one thought away from being whole and complete.

At peace with who you are.

And living more in unity with the world around you.

Your relationship with yourself will improve.

And your relationship with your life will also improve.

You start to feel less stress, less anxiety and your overall well-being will increase.

I was lost and lacked direction, and I was allowing life events to weigh me down. Over our sessions, Gary helped me notice my thoughts, words and emotions. I learnt to accept and give myself some non-judgmental space, where I could find the self-compassion that I needed.
— David Austin - United Kingdom

Learn to love life again

“What if you could fall in love with all of it?”

- Michael Neill

To full in love with yourself you have to full in love with life.

You were once in love with it.

But you’ve just forgotten how to do it.

And everything in life flows from the relationship you have with yourself.

Once you see how you treat yourself through your thinking and instead learn how to think of yourself like someone worthy of being loved.

You life will be effortless, more abundant and joyful that you can imagine.

You see the beauty of life, start to uncover your unique gifts and see the truth of who you are.

And the more you’ll start to act like someone who loves yourself and feel like someone who loves yourself.

Most people never put energy into loving themselves fully.

They go through life falling from crisis to crisis, acting as their own worse critic, working to block their own potential, keeping their hearts and minds closed.


The secret to making transformational changes is to realise that there is nothing to transform.
— Gary Bridgeman

Life transformation in just seven days?

Is it possible?

No of course not.

But what is possible is to shift your understanding of how your experience is created.

Once you see that you are creating your own experience through your thinking.

You’ll see that you are capable of so much more.

You’ll understand how to take yourself back to a place of peace, calm and joy that will help you tackle any situation in life with grace and compassion.

You start to see that there is a way out of your struggles.

A way forward to learning to love yourself.

A way to become who you truly want to be and live and work from the heart.

Gary has extraordinary coaching capabilities. He puts his natural empathy, curiosity and personal experience to the service of his coaching classes, which are always engaging and mind-opening.
— Xavier Aubry



How the programme works


A seven day life journey to more love in your life

Over seven days, you’ll learn the simple and impactful way your experience is created through the three principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

A profound and revolutionary approach that explains where your feelings come from and how your experience of life can transform in a matter of moments.

I’ll personally guide you through the programme and explain why your experience of life changes from moment-to-moment.

Understanding the principles and how they apply to transform your life allows you to tap into your inner wisdom, see your creative potential, and your innate well-being.

You’ll be able to live with less stress, less anxiety, more happiness and inner peace.

You’ll learn how you can start to love yourself, your life, and begin to see your way to new way of being in the world.

What we cover and discover together

Over the seven days, I’ll take you through my framework for transformational change. At the start of each session, I’ll share my own insights and understanding a basis for discussion. And then we will dive into the conversation and discover what we see and don’t see as we explore where you are holding yourself back in your life.

Day one - The Three Principles

I’ll introduce the three principles and how they explain the experience of life. You see that although incredibly simple, the principles have a depth that goes beyond words.

Day Two - Be Here Right Now

What if being in the present moment wasn’t about practising hours of meditation and mindfulness. But was simply seeing that we can rest in the peace of ourselves?

Day Three - Creating Space

To grow, we need to be able to create space to grow into, both externally and internally. We’ll look at what it means to create space in your inner life and your outer life.

Day Four - Creating Your Story

Our stories about ourselves and other’s give us meaning but so often hold us back. We’ll look at the stories that you tell yourself and how to create a more empowering and inspiring story for yourself.

Day Five - Acceptance

The simple truth is that once you come to a place of acceptance for yourself, you are only then able to make transformational shifts. Together we’ll explore what it truly means to practice acceptance in your life.

Day Six - Know What Matters

You have an innate intelligence that continually guides you in life. We’ll look at how you can tap into the inner wisdom that guides you throughout life and keeps you on the path of growth and evolution.

Day Seven - Taking Intentional Action

In the final day, we’ll look at what makes the difference. How to take intentional action that leads you towards the life you want for your self.



Change is easier with a tribe

Having a group of people around you undergoing a similar journey of change provides a safe space that will accelerate your learning.

You, me and your fellow explorers will meet each weekday over video conferencing for a two-hour long discussion on what it takes to make transformational shifts in your life.

You’ll be able to learn from other people’s stories, insights and experience as you discover your own insights and make a solid foundation for transformational change in your life.

You’ll have access to a private Facebook group where you’ll be able to share your stories and support each other throughout this journey.


The course is delivered online using Zoom video conferencing. Zoom is a stable secure and free to use video conferencing tool that enables you to access the programme live wherever you have an internet connection.

We meet each weekday from the 2nd September until the 10th September over Zoom video conferencing at 17:30 CEST/ 08:30 PDT/ 12:30 EDT.

Lifetime access

Each session will be recorded and you’ll have access to the sessions to download and keep for life.

You’ll be able to revisit the programme at any time whenever you need a reminder of what you need to do to stay on your path to transforming your life.

You’ll be able to have access to an exclusive facebook group for participants to share your insights and understanding.

Lifetime effects

By the end of the seven days you’ll have the knowledge and understanding of the three principles and how they apply to your own transformational journey.

You’ll be able to see the principles at work in your own life and work and at play.


My Story

I’m Gary Bridgeman, mindfulness teacher and yoga instructor.

And I help you full in love with life again.

For a long time I wasn’t in love with myself and hence I wasn’t in love with life.

I treated myself with disdain, beat myself up for my failures and didn’t feel worthy of love.

All that changed when I discovered that I wasn’t broken and that there was nothing to fix.

The simple realisation has helped me find the courage to live and love life again.

I would love to help you love yours.

Nothing to lose everything to gain

I’m so confident that you’ll gain insights and knowledge about yourself on this programme that I offer a 100% money back guarantee, no quibbles, no conditions.

The inside out understanding of the three principles is being used by people all over the world and is having a profound impact* on every aspect of life.

In mental health 91% of people reported being more in control of their behaviours, feelings, and thoughts. While 84% of people reported significant reduction in anxiety disorders.

If you don’t feel like you’ve gained more clarity, more inner peace and more love for yourself once the programme is finished I’ll refund your money without question.


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