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I’m Gary and I am happy that you are here.

I’ve helped countless people like you transform their lives.

From giving up drinking, breaking destructive habits, stepping up in their careers, starting a business, to finding love again.

I’m passionate about helping you find the spark and joy within yourself.

I don’t know if you know.

You are a vast open space of limitless creative potential.

There is so much inside of you waiting to be discovered that sometimes exploring those depths seems scary.

But the truth is, the more you look within, the more you’ll see that you are an ocean of love, peace and compassion.

That you don’t have to do anything to be your true self.

You just let your light shine from the inside out.

You are not your thinking; you are not your emotions; you are the space beyond thought.

What stood out was that in a sea of wannabe practitioners and teachers of “skills” and “practices” in this space, this is the real deal: Focused, intelligent, exploratory, tolerant and wise, I’d recommend Gary’s very human, humane, and practical approach to anyone.
— Neil Fleming - Consultant; screenwriter; playwright; poet

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"All you have to know is everything is created from thought, you don't have to know anything else." - Sydney Banks

I guide you to the truth of yourself and the truth of your experience through the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.



“Gary has the ability to ask the bold questions we don’t often want to ask ourselves. A vital skill when acquiring an honest and upfront coach. His words often rumble around my head months after our sessions. Also, it’s great to work with someone who has ‘been in your shoes’. From books, to meditation, to working practices...his recommendations have been instrumental in helping me move forwards as a business woman and a person.”

Clare Freemen - United Kingdom