We often live life according to our stories of who we are and who we think we should be. Remaining at the mercy of our emotions, thoughts, and conditioning from your past and childhood.

This means that your present and your future are defined by the stories you tell yourself of the past.

You keep replaying these memories and thoughts in endless loops keeping you in destructive patterns of behaviour that hold you back and keep you stuck in life.


Discover the deeper truth of you

You spend so much energy trying to change or fix this thinking.

You try to change the world around you to help yourself feel better.

You think positive thoughts and chastise yourself for any negative thinking that creeps in.

You repeat endless affirmations in the hope that you’ll finally break through and get the life you want.

But none of this works in the long term, new habits quickly fall away and you return to the old stories of yourself staying locked in a prison of your own making.

Your thinking.

But what lies beyond your story of yourself?

What rests underneath the layers of thought?

Who are you when you peel away the onion layers?

Who shows up when there is no fear of being right or wrong?

What remains when you remove the beliefs, assumptions and ideas of who you should be?

At the end of our sessions, I was able to unblock years of unconscious, unhelpful thinking which was really holding me back.
I have had coaching and counselling before, but these were positively different. I really enjoyed and looked forward to each session.
Since the coaching has ended I have made great strides, personally and professionally.
— David Austin - United Kingdom

Freedom lies in the space beyond thought

Once you see that you are not your thinking.

That you’re not your emotions and you’re not your experience.

When you see that you are the spiritual container for your experience and that you are, in fact, the space before thought.

Your life will change quicker than you’ve ever thought possible and before long you’ll be free of your insecurity, fear and anxiety.

You’ll be able to recognise that your thinking isn’t relevant, is transient and rest in the space before thought.

Then you can tap into a creativity, love and freedom that you’ve never dreamed of.

What stood out was that in a sea of wannabe practitioners and teachers of “skills” and “practices” in this space, this is the real deal: Focused, intelligent, exploratory, tolerant and wise, I’d recommend Gary’s very human, humane, and practical approach to anyone.
— Neil Fleming - Consultant; screenwriter; playwright; poet

Ready to take a journey to the space beyond thought?


Ready to peel away the layers of thought that hold you back?

Are you ready to peer deep inside yourself and uncover the truth of you?

Are you ready to gain insight into who you are and why you are here?

I work one-on-one with you helping you reprogramme your mind and break free from the destructive patterns of your past and childhood.

Working with me is about going on a journey to the space beyond thought to who you really are without your ideas, beliefs and stories that you tell yourself.

On that journey we are going to face some monsters that you’ve created and although they may seem real and solid.

You’ll quickly see that they are made of nothing but thought and can easily be slain with insight.

Once you have your insight I’ll help you implement changes to your life so you can create a life you’ve never dreamed of.