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How are you doing?

I’m going to guess that you’re probably ok.

On the surface things seem ok, you’ve done ok in life but it hasn’t turned out how you would have hoped.

Maybe you’ve struggled a bit with self-discipline, tried to follow different paths, tried on different jobs, and but never really felt like you belong anywhere.

Maybe you’ve feel like you’ve carried a burden for a while, depression, anxiety and sometimes get angry and frustrated and you’re not sure why.

Maybe you feel disconnected from life like you are on the outside looking in. And at times you feel empty inside not quite sure what you are feeling from moment-to-moment.

Or no matter how much you’ve achieved, accumulated or have in your life you still feel a fraud, and that you don’t deserve to be happy.

But despite this at your core you know you are capable of so much more.

You know if you could just solve this underlying problem that you can’t work out things would get better.

You’ve probably tried a lot of different things to change yourself.

Maybe even practice meditation and mindfulness, attend workshops, try different tactics, tools and techniques.

You’ve been to therapy, read every self-help book going and tried changing behaviours but in the end nothing really ever sticks.

It’s time to look in a different direction

Over our eight session journey, I come out of each session with greater purpose and tools to help me move forward positively in ways that are consistent with my values. Gary’s coaching couldn’t have come at a more timely period in my life.

Casey - Las Vegas

I don’t why you are here now.

Perhaps you’ve started to wake up and now you’re seeing reality for the first time and it all feels uncomfortable.

Perhaps yet another relationship has failed and you can’t seem to break your self-destructive habits that keep you stuck in love.

Perhaps the career you choose for the wrong reason has finally become unbearable.

Perhaps it’s just time to change to finally stop feeling this way and be happy.

What I appreciated the most is that he is tutoring with real-life experience for real-world business situations and that he is practising in a transparent style, focusing on personal values and supporting individual aims. It was a great inspiration, and pleasure working with him. Bianka - Germany


Then I can help :-).

I’ve been where you are now.

I’ve felt lost and stuck for most of my life.

I’ve felt down, depressed, not good enough, disconnected, alone, and had this strong desire just to run away from it all.

I still feel that from time-to-time.

But now it doesn’t stop me from being happy and fulfilled.

Through mindfulness and the three principles I’ve started to see through the illusion of Thought.

That although there is a reality out there we only see it through our thoughts.

And if we go through life with rubbish, stressful and unhappy thinking it’s going to feel rubbish, stressful and unhappy.

And this isn’t about changing thoughts, thinking positive thoughts or affirmations.

It about clearing out old unproductive thoughts to make space for new more useful thought.

So with my coaching you’ll start to also see that life isn’t hard, difficult or stressful.

You’ll feel more connected to yourself, those around you and become who you really are.

You’ll connect to a deeper part of you and in the process start to change and without even striving, become someone new.

And I know how it sounds all spiritual and a lot like enlightenment.

And in a way it is.

But being spiritual and enlightened is not what you think it is.

It isn’t something to be found, a state to be achieved or a path to be followed.

It’s who you already are.

I just help you see that.

Coaching Programmes


One month Intensive

Eight, forty five minute sessions over four weeks. Ideal for when life is messy, complicated and you need some extra support.

Find your purpose

Twelve, sixty minute sessions over three months. To help you get unstuck and point you in the right direction.

Life transformation

Six month commitment. Weekly sessions of up to ninety minutes to help you change career, start a business, live your purpose.