Online Transformational Life Coaching
for Mid-Life Professionals


I help you transform your life from stress, anxiety, fear and overwhelm to one of balance, peace, happiness and fulfilment.

I help you fall in love with your life and find purpose and meaning once more.

I get it, you’ve reached a point in life where you’re asking yourself questions about who you are, what does it all mean and what do I hope to achieve in life?

Normal Mid-life thinking

  • Asking yourself deep probing questions

  • Making impulsive rash decisions

  • Feeling like you are losing your mind

  • Imagining a dismal future

  • Being bored and disinterested with life

  • An overwhelming sense of loss for your best years

The problem is that any life you create from this thinking is going to be based on insecurity, fear, and anxiety.

And even though you might have to make hard choices, move on from relationships or change careers starting from a place of insecurity and fear will increase the chances of making mistakes and false starts.

Mid-life awakening thinking

Your transition in your mid-life doesn’t have to be full of turmoil, stress and anxiety.

Yes there might be periods of difficult emotions, disruption and change.

But by focussing on having a mid-life awakening it can be inspiring, uplifting and full of positive growth.

  • What have I accomplished that I am proud of?

  • What conversations am I having that help me feel alive and engaged with life?

  • How can I give more to the world?

  • How do I expand my creativity, love and connection with the world?

  • What future can I create for myself that is fulfilling, happy and meaningful?

  • What do I need to leave behind so I can move forward with my life?

Using the three principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought, and my unique six phase approach of mid-life transformation, I help you create a life that is fulfilling, happy and meaningful.

I’ll help you uncover insights and moments of deep understanding about you, your relationships, your career, and your life so you can make long-lasting meaningful change as you transition to your mid-life and beyond.

And I’ll be there to support you through this period of transition and change.

At the end of our sessions I was able to unblock years of unconscious, unhelpful thinking which was really holding me back. - David

My clients walk away with;

  • A greater connection to their spiritual contextual self.

  • A deeper understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

  • A life with less stress, anxiety and turmoil.

  • Clarity about their life, their relationships and their career.

  • A better sense of the bigger picture of life.

  • An improved ability to take on different perspectives.

  • A connection to the universal Mind and the source of life.

  • A greater sense of acceptance for themselves and others.

Coaching Programmes


One month Intensive

Eight, forty five minute sessions over four weeks. Ideal for when life is messy, complicated and you need some extra support.

Get Unstuck

Twelve, sixty minute sessions over three months. To help you get unstuck, point you in the right direction or change a long term problematic behaviour.

Life transformation

Six month or twelve month commitment. Weekly sessions of up to ninety minutes to help you change career, start a business, strengthen your relationships and live your purpose.

pay As You Go

Blocks of four sessions without long-term commitment. Sessions last 45 minutes and we focus on whatever topic you need to work on.

The first step is to book a free, no obligation 60 minute coaching session