Online Transformational Life Coaching



How are you doing?

I’m happy that you are here.

Is this you?

Does it look good on the surface? Most of your life is ok but you’re stuck in one or two areas?


You’ve had some good experiences, travelled a bit, maybe even lived abroad.

And you are mostly happy with it.

But something still feels off, and you’re always looking for something more. Looking for something to fulfil you or make you happy.

You get anxious, maybe a little depressed, and you can’t break out of a long term circle of behaviour that holds you back. Maybe you’ve struggled a bit with self-discipline.

You’re not religious but you kind of know there is a bigger picture to it all. And you would like life to have more meaning.

You know if you could just solve this underlying problem that you can’t work out things would get better.

You’ve probably tried a lot of different things to change yourself.

Maybe even practice meditation and mindfulness, attend workshops, try different tactics, tools and techniques.

You’ve been to therapy, read every self-help book going and tried changing behaviours but in the end nothing really ever sticks.

It’s time to look in a different direction

What I appreciated the most is that he is tutoring with real-life experience for real-world business situations and that he is practising in a transparent style, focusing on personal values and supporting individual aims. It was a great inspiration, and pleasure working with him. Bianka - Germany

I’ve been where you are now.

I’ve felt lost and stuck for most of my life.

I’ve felt down, depressed, not good enough, disconnected, alone, and had this strong desire just to run away from it all.

I feel like I’m not doing enough to fulfil my potential and I’m constantly comparing myself to others

I get easily overwhelmed and I’m way too emotional.

But now it doesn’t stop me from being happy and fulfilled.

Through mindfulness and the three principles I’ve started to see through the illusion of Thought.

Most of what we think about ourselves and life is totally made up.

If we see what’s true and what’s not true then can navigate life with greater ease.

You don’t have to live with anxiety, low self-esteem, and emptiness and you can live feeling happy, content and at peace with it all.

You’re not broken.

You never were.

I just help you see that.

Coaching Programmes


One month Intensive

Eight, forty five minute sessions over four weeks. Ideal for when life is messy, complicated and you need some extra support.

Get Unstuck

Twelve, sixty minute sessions over three months. To help you get unstuck, point you in the right direction or change a behaviour.

Life transformation

Six month commitment. Weekly sessions of up to ninety minutes to help you change career, start a business, live your purpose.